New From Entente

December 15, 2012_001


Hey everyone, hope your all having a good time, during the final stretch before Christmas. Just wanted to show you the new Gaston Jacket & Hoodie from Entente. The design is absolutely amazing to go along with the triple layer of clothing, which is great for this time of year. Each jacket comes with four base colors, that allows you to change all three layers, plus you can purchase other textures at the Entente main store.

Hair from LAQ – Radiant M04 – Espresso

Skin from Belleza – Cooper – Sk

Eyes from IKON – Eternal – Gray Green

Jacket & Hoodie from Entente – Gaston

Pants from Entente – Au Fait Jeans

Damon by FATEwear

December 6, 2012_003

Damien Fate released a few new items yesterday.  Three pairs of pants and two shirts, including the “Damon” shirt,  I am wearing above.  Each purchase also includes a inside shirt, but can be worn with or without.

Hair from Pocket Mirrors – Samuel – Brown

Skin from Belleza – Cooper – SK

Eyes from IKON – Eternal – Gray Green

Shirt from FATEwear – Damon – Void

Pants from Kal Rau – Skinny Pants – Dark

A New Home

December 2, 2012_001

Hey Everyone, I would like to welcome you all to my new home. I decided to switch to wordpress for a few reasons, so bare with me on the design and look of the site. Just wanted to show you the new sweater from Redgrave. Each purchase comes in three different colors and sizes. I like the wool texturing, which gives off a nice cozy look.

Hair from Exile – Revolver – Wedge

Skin from Belleza – Cooper – Sk

Eyes from IKON – Eternal – Gray Green

Sweater from Redgrave – Loose Knit Shirt – Navy

Introducing Cooper

Tricky Boucher is set to release, his latest skin called “Cooper” at the Chic Management “FAIR” , which opens today.  I think the skin may have been made with the intention of wearing blonde or lighter hair. However, I added a brow tattoo layer, to bring out a darker look .  The skin itself is quite amazing from head to toe.  Cooper is only available in sun kissed, but will be fully released in the near future.
Hair from Exile – Maren – Wedge
Skin from Belleza  – Cooper – Sk
Eyes from IKON – Eternal – Gray Green
Coat from Epicosity – Trench – Creme
Scarf from FATEwear – Harry – Quagmire – SWS
Pants from FATEwear – Jack – Void
Pose from Diesel Works – Alagan 3

Fall Retail Therapy From FATEwear

Damien Fate has released a couple new fall items, including the cardigan and scarf above.  Much like the rest of FATEwear clothing, these mesh designs fit perfectly together.  The “Harry” scarf comes with a few different styles, but Damien also included two different sizes that helps fit to smaller or bulkier clothing.  I highly recommend this scarf, if your looking to add to your fall look.
Hair From Cheerno – Gangux – Dark
Skin from Nivaro – Zan – Summertone
Eyes from Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh – Paris Green Shadow
Cardigan from FATEwear – Roger – Ocean
Scarf from FATEwear – Harry – Jungle RF
Pants from Kal Rau – Skinny Pants Denim – Dark
Pose – My Own

Becoming A Sith Lord , Featuring FATEwear

 Ready To Fight, Are You:
Using The True Power, Of The Dark Side:
Hey everyone, I put together a Sith costume, to go along with the recent “Desmond” coat release from FATEwear.  I realize Desmond was mostly inspired by assassins creed, but I wanted to put my own twist on it.  After a few days of looking around for the proper accessories, I finally found them.    I created the poses myself  and the light saber is a freebie from HISpose.  It come’s in a green color, but I modified it to red.
Skin from Belleza – Dylan – Sk
Eyes from Jurassic Galaxy Design – Realistic Sith Eyes
Mask from Epicosity – Phantom – Black Blood
Face Tattoo from Crystal Cube – Zabrak – Black
Jacket from FATEwear – Desmond – Volcanic Ash
Gloves from FATEwear – Dexter – Void
Light Saber from HISpose – Group Gift
Pants from FATEwear – Roy – Void
Boots from Gos – Aviator Boots – Yeager In Worn
Poses – My Own

Going Postal At Cinema

Ok, the title is a little miss leading. I’m really not flipping shit at Cinema, but I did go there to show off this new Postman jacket from Pumpkin.  It’s available at the pumpkin main store, in a few different colors. The jacket comes with a color change h.u.d that lets you change the inside shirt and the color of the over the shoulder bag and strap.
I took the picture at the landing point, of the event “Cinema”. Cinema covers an entire sim and was custom built by Isla Gealach, who also is the brilliant owner and designer of the store “Cheeky Pea“.  Isla did a pretty amazing job with the entire build. You can tell she put much time into the major and minor details, of the entire place.   Cinema features many top brands around second life, with a wide range of different items available.  Seeing the build itself is worth the trip, click HERE to visit today.
Hair from RawHouse – Flatliner – Dark Brown ( Modded Slightly )
Hairbase from Dura – Lanevo Buzzcut – Dark Brown
Skin from Belleza – Shawn – Sk ( Available Soon )
Eyes from Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh – Paris Green Shadow
Ears from Aitui – Stretched Ears 1″
Jacket from Pumpkin – Postman – Gray
Pants from FATEwear – John – Desert
Tattoo from Freaks and Geeks – M.O.E
Location – Cinema